Almo Mitchell


I'm currently working at Ve Global. Our mission is to personalise eCommerce by helping businesses stop online ad waste through connecting offsite to onsite experiences.

Activity list

What's Next
Campaign Manager
A SaaS platform that allows clients to build connected offsite to onsite marketing experiences for thier customers.
Jan, 2019
Design System
A global design system, available to design and development teams around the world.
Dec, 2018
Ve's client reporting platform, which gives complete transparency over all advertising and product campaign metrics.
Nov, 2018
Ve Community
Ve's first community initiative and transparent roadmap.
Nov, 2018
Account Creation
Giving Ve's clients the ability to autonomously create Platform accounts without the need of manual set up.
Oct, 2018
A gateway to Platform, which allows clients to access their reporting metrics.
Oct, 2018
JavaScript checker
A check that scrapes client websites during 'Account Creation' to ensure JavaScript is properly installed onsite so solutions are ready to go live.
AUG, 2018
Digital Assistant 2.0 MVP
Beta release of an onsite shopping assistant that is activated based on smart triggers and helps people find the products they're looking for.
JUL, 2018
Shopper Modes
Extensive research into the 5 ecommerce shopping modes; what they are and how to target them with digital products.
JUL, 2018
Digital Advertising to Digital Assistant
Connecting digital experiences between ads and onsite with the launch of new patent-pending tech.
JUL, 2018
Email Remarketing to Digital Assistant
Connecting digital experiences between email and onsite products.
May, 2018
Transactions Manager
Adding the ability to edit and update client transactions within Platform.
Mar, 2018
Platform MVP
Beta version of Ve's client repoting, which gives complete transparency over all advertising and product campaign metrics.
Feb, 2018
Product Centre
An internal platform that acts as a central source of truth for all product information, updates and feedback.


Learning to prototype and handover responsive designs in code.
The Wires Awards 2018
Finalist for London's Best Digital Marketing Campaign.
Cyber Security
Passed all modules of the 'Introduction to Cyber Security' at The Open University.
Learning UI
Researching and presenting UI best practices to entire product and design team, which helped inform our design system.