Discover diverse music from around the world and share it with people in the hope of bringing them closer together.


Timeless outlives current

Music that stands the test of time. It doesn't matter when it was made or what genre it belongs to.

Sound quality

From the needle right down to the speaker. Listening on a good sound system means you literally 'feel the music'.


Brazilian jazz to Japanese soul, African disco and Chicago house. A diverse selection of music makes everyone feel welcome.


Read the room

Identify people's energy levels, check the volume and equalise sound frequencies.

Select the record

Choose music based on energy and vibe, consider pitch or BPM and pick the required format.

Play the music

Cue the track timing is essential and blend in key or match the BPM.



✓ Brilliant Corners, London
✓ Spiritland, London
✓ Romano, Tel Aviv
✓ Brownie, Lisbon
✓ Gorilla, Manchester
✓ Yellow Arch, Sheffield


✓ Dimensions, Croatia
✓ Gottwood, Wales

Radio & podcast

✓ Stamp The Wax
✓ Reprezent Radio
✓ Netil Radio