I’m Almo, a Product Designer based in London.

My role is to drive product solutions that service the goals of businesses and their users.


My mission is to better people’s lives by improving the experience of everyday tasks.


No matter what project I'm working on, I always stay true to my values to ensure the best outcome.

Collaborative teamwork

Working in teams utilises skills from a variety of departments, meaning we can better solve complex problems. Learning together puts less emphasis on documentation and more focus on building better experiences.


Failing is not failure. The quicker we can disprove the wrong design, the closer we get to building the right solution. Reacting to change can significantly reduce investment of time and money into bad ideas.

Embracing feedback

Honest and direct feedback is essential to getting the best out of people and the most from a project. Analysis of constructive criticism helps break down faults to rebuild better solutions.


I adopt principles from lean and agile development methods, solving complex problems in an iterative way.


Discover what problems people are having and define trends in why they exist. Make assumptions on how we can solve their problems, then plan next actionable steps.


Think of possible solutions and quickly build prototypes that mimic real experiences. Work within our limits and only do the minimum required to test the riskiest assumptions first.


Test to see if we solved the problem. Were our assumptions right or wrong, and what needs to change in order to improve the next version?


Get in touch to find out more, collaborate on a project, or simply chat over coffee.