I'm Almo, a digital Product Designer

I combine design thinking with commercial business strategy to make profitable, user-centred products.


I’m a resident DJ at Spiritland and Brilliant Corners. I grew up in Manchester (so I love a cup of tea!), and I’m an enthusiastic cyclist with a passion for adventure.

Development framework

I use a professional development framework that helps give me a clear view of my current skill level, and keeps me on track to ensure career progression.

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"It was a pleasure for Alex to be part of DICE. His consistent high standard of work contributed largely to company wide growth. He led to the building and improvement of internal CMS and CRM tools. He is hard working, enthusiastic for anything he is tasked with, and is always hungry to learn and develop. Alex will be an asset to your team."

Hannah Parvaz - Head of Marketing at DICE

"Alex's ability to cohesively structure a project, run it transparently, visualise his thinking, and deliver the final product is a gift to any team. He works wonders when handing over designs to other teams and departments.

Most inspiring is the energy he puts forward to every new challenge-- a new software, a new project, or running a new workshop. I still haven't seen him back down from a challenge."

Daniel Kemery - Senior product designer at Ve Global


I'm passionate about lean and agile methodologies, and work end-to-end on projects. My process focuses on iterative cycles and user validation. Learn, Build, Measure. Repeat.


  • Identify problems and define common trends
  • Understand why problems exist
  • Find out what's required to solve the problem
  • Establish any limitations


  • Ideate based on requirements and limitations
  • Assume possible solutions for testing
  • Design the minimum required in order to measure and learn
  • Build prototypes that mimic real experiences


  • Test assumptions
  • Determine if the solution solved the problem
  • Understand why the solution succeeded or failed
  • Identify the essentials for a feasible solution